About us

We're a couple living in London and are passionate about the environment. We believe even small changes to our daily purchases and habits can make an important reduction to our environmental impact. There's a lot of waste in London but we came to realise just how much we created at home ourselves. We made a few changes to our routine and tried alternative products that we love. It made a real difference and we've enjoyed sharing ideas and products with friends and family along the way.

We launched Ecolife London as a small independent business to help spread awareness of the environmental issues around plastics and waste, and share alternatives. We've curated a selection of sustainable items, from ethical manufacturers, that are at least as good as less sustainable alternatives, and are delighted to present them here.

We want to make sustainable purchases accessible, clear and fuss free.

Locally we'd love to see less waste in London's parks, waterways and streets, but we believe sustainable products have an important role to play in keeping nature pure wherever you may be. There's only one ocean right - it affects us all.

We don't claim to be perfect! We have a long way to go and are learning all the time. Sustainable living doesn't need to be self-righteous or extreme. Everyone can find even small alternatives that work for them.

So whether you just want to try your first plastic-free sponge, or are near the end of you eco-switching, we hope you can find something here that will help you on your way.

We're looking to increase our selection all the time, introduce educational content and are exploring pedal delivery within London as next steps. Exciting times ahead!

Thanks for visiting.

Judit & Andrew - Ecolife London.