Spring Health Benefits and Sustainability

Which season is best? Well, here´s some reasons why we love Spring: 

  • Daily doses of daylight again

Leave the dark days and look ahead to bright sunshine filling most of your day. Soak up the sun and Vitamin D, and find an excuse to stay outdoors - don't forget your reusable glass bottle and coffee cup!

  • Youthful skin

As you say goodbye to the freezing temperatures, say a goodbye to dry, flaky and dull skin as well.

While the summer is yet to step in with its havoc on hair and skin, brighten up your day and skin with exfoliation, little lighter moisturizers and rejuvenating skin treatment!

  • We are happier

Exposure to sunlight increases the hormone serotonin in our brains, which make us feel happy. After being cooped up indoors for what seems like eternity, it’s great to be able to get outside again.

Go for walks, bike rides or picnics. If you do, don't forget your reusable cutlery.

Happy Spring from Ecolife London

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