How to go Eco AND save money!

Going eco doesn't need to cost you extra!

Here are some reminders and tips for all of you who want to be more eco, and save some money along the way.

Buy Reusable 

We all buy a lot of disposable items that we buy over and over again. But have you thought how many do you use in one year and how much it costs?

In the kitchen, examples are paper kitchen towels and plastic cling film. For skincare, face pads, but don't forget disposable menstrual pads!


Reuse What You Already Have

Don't rush to buy containers because they match or to store new ingredients, just reuse what you have.

Tupperware tubs, jam, sauces, coffee jars, are perfect for refill! 


  • Save containers of different sizes.
  • You can remove the stickers by leaving the jars 30min. in soapy hot water.

 Plant Your Own

Try growing plants, spices and vegetables in the containers you already have, indoors and with just water!



  • You can grow from cuttings or seeds 
  • Cuttings: Spring onion - leave 5cm of the end with the roots in a jar with water, in a few days you will see how fast they grow!
  • Seeds: Avocado - clean it and pinch 3 toothpicks around it, so it can stay in the middle of the jar, with only half of it in the water. It will take 4-5 months for the roots to grow.

You can also try planting the greens in the containers with soil! 



  • Use cuttings from other plants or spices, no need to buy new.
  • You can also plant the ones you had in water!

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