2022 Sustainable Resolutions

Do you want to minimise your impact but you don't know where to start?

Ecolife London shares with you our green and sustainable resolutions for the new year. 

1. Reducing single use plastic

Plastic is a killer, and it’s everywhere. While your standard plastic bottle takes about 400 years to break down, other plastic in landfills can take up to 1000 years to decompose. And that’s just one material, which is why effective recycling and more reusable products are so crucial to reducing waste and pollution both on an individual and industrial level. 

  • Continue switching to refillable products. As per above, these days there may be some local refill shops near where you live.


2. Eating more responsibly

Research reveals reducing your meat and dairy intake is “the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth”, not to mention the lives you’ll save along the way. If you’ve been wanting to eat less animals to improve your health and the planet’s, why not try to kick off the new year with Meatless Mondays or even Veganuary?

  • Buy from independent grocers and local farmers, and try to avoid plastic-wrapped goods at supermarkets.
  • Eat more plant-based food. There are lot of options on your regular supermarket!


3. Taking eco-fashion to the next level

Consumers are more informed than ever about the impact of fashion on people, the planet, and animals. From shopping second hand, to upcycling fabrics, to making your own clothes, to repairing and caring for what you already own, there are myriad ways to make sure your closet is doing as little damage as possible.

  • Get more acquainted with local second hand stores and apps like Depop or Thrift+, only buying new clothes when absolutely necessary.
  • Learn how to sew and upcycle your clothing.


Ecolife London hopes you have found this blog useful along with the links provided. 

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