2021/2022 Sustainability Trends

Sustainability and clean energy landscape is quickly evolving, as steps are being taken at different levels (individual, organisational, governmental)  to become more sustainable.

1. Sustainable Products Will Become the Norm

We are very happy to say that one of the top sustainable trends is that sustainable products will become the norm. Yes, and in a wide range of areas!

Prediction is that demand for sustainable products will be raising in the coming year for food, fashion and lifestyle.

For example an increase for veganism and a plant-based diet is already happening, as well as a raise in demand for products that would ordinarily be discarded. 

Also there has been an increase in eco-friendly shops like ours!

2. ESG Investments Will Continue to Rise

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a form of investing with the environment and social good as its guiding principles. Since the pandemic began, ESG has become one of the popular  sustainability trends to get involved in. Investors and organizations realize the importance of non-financial considerations and are looking beyond profits in such challenging times. 

 3. Renewable Energy Will Become Increasingly Cheaper

Fossil fuels used to be much cheaper than renewable energy, but that is quickly changing. Wind and solar plants became 70% and 89% cheaper in the last ten years and, their capacity will exceed coal and gas in less than five years, according to the IEA’s Renewables 2020. In fact, solar power is now cheaper than coal!

For more check out: https://energywatch-inc.com/sustainability-trends-2021-2022/




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